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The Jar Feeder

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The Jar feeder is an excellent choice for feeding your bees inside the hive. This prevents robbing and makes sure that it is YOUR bees that get fed!

Each hole holds upside-down quart jars of sugar syrup allowing you to feed your bees up to 1 gallon of sugar syrup at a time.

How To Use Jar Feeder:

  1. Place the Jar Feeder screen side down and centered over the opening in the inner cover.
  2. Quickly flip and place your desired amount of quart jars filled with sugar syrup upside down securely in the holes of the Jar Feeder. (Take care not to spill sugar syrup outside of the hive to avoid creating a robbing frenzy.)
  3. Place an empty medium or deep box around the jars
  4. Replace outer cover.
  5. Repeat as needed depending on how quickly your colony consumes the syrup

*Available in 2 hole or 4 hole

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