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With Hidden Hollow Honey, You Aren't Beekeeping Alone!
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What Makes us Great?

Beekeeping Classes

"You Aren't beekeeping alone!"

Hidden Hollow Honey is your premier destination for all your beekeeping needs. Explore our wide range of beekeeping supplies, meticulously curated to enhance your apiary experience. Discover essential bee-feeding solutions, an array of beekeeping tools for efficient hive management, and top-notch honey extraction, harvesting, and packaging equipment. Ensure the well-being of your colonies with our health supplements and treatment options. Safeguard yourself with our quality hiveware and protective gear.

Our mission is to provide you with the finest beekeeping products, knowledge, and support you need to nurture your colonies. As you embark on this fulfilling journey, join our monthly Beginner's Beekeeping Classes to learn hands-on and get your questions answered.

Complete your beekeeping year by harvesting your hard work and saving money with our phenomenally great prices on honey bottles. You can trust Hidden Hollow Honey to provide the tools to create a rewarding beekeeping adventure. With our dedication to quality and your passion for beekeeping, we'll help you cultivate thriving hives and enjoy this sweet journey together.



You're Gonna Love it Here!


Very pleased with this company! We had lost a queen immediately picking up our nuc and they were quick to respond and help remedy the problem! We love supporting our local beekeeping company!

Danielle D

I use it every day on my morning cereal and because I have allergies in the fall. I can tell it helps with the allergies and that alone makes it great.

Pat K

Hidden Hollow honey is the best! We use it every single day!! I have to limit the honey sticks from my 7 year old! Amazing honey and wonderful people!

Sarah H

I purchased two nucs this spring. One of them has overproduced. I’ve harvested to full supers already this year with likely another. I’ve purchased all my hive equipment from them and it’s been really convenient to order online and swing by to pick my order up. Everyone is always friendly and always willing to ask how the hives are doing

Tim A

Our family purchased four nucs this spring. We have been extremely pleased. The nucs had plenty of eggs, larvae and resources and got off to a great start for us. Our queens have been very productive and set the tone for the hives to be gentle and easy to work. Thank you, Hidden Hollow Honey!

Regina G

We sell Hidden Hollow Honey in our candy stores and really appreciate that we can sell a quality locally produced honey. They are wonderful to work with and the product is delivered timely upon ordering.   We include the honey with our Indiana Grown Baskets and as a sweet shelf item.

Sharon N

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