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Our Honey

Experience the essence of Indiana's flora with Hidden Hollow Honey Co.'s local raw honey. Our raw and minimally filtered honey offers a pure taste of nature's goodness. Support ethical beekeeping and savor the unique flavors of our region.

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Stop by Hidden Hollow Honey or one of our many retail partners and enjoy our raw, local, and delicious honey!

Hidden Hollow Honey

7713 U.S. Hwy 136 W

 Waynetown, IN 47990



“Hidden Hollow honey is the best! We use it every single day!! I have the limit the honey sticks from my 7 year old! Amazing honey and wonderful people!”

 Sarah H.

“I use it every day on my morning cereal and because I have allergies in the fall. I can tell it helps with the allergies and that alone makes it great.”

Pat K.