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About us

Hidden Hollow Honey Co is a locally owned and operated beekeeping business in Waynetown, IN. We specialize in local honey, beekeeping supplies, and the education of beginner beekeepers.

It was formally founded in February 2022, but its true beginnings began much earlier when Aaron kept bees with his father in the mid-80s. It was through this experience that Aaron developed his love of bees and beekeeping. 

After raising his family and operating a very successful HVAC business for over 25 years, Aaron made the decision to pick up where he and his dad had left off so many years before.  Aaron began hobby beekeeping again with the help of Gabe Wright, another local beekeeper in the area. Gabe had already been an active participant in the community for over 5 years, catching swarms, doing cutouts, and mentoring many aspiring beekeepers beginning their beekeeping journey. 

Gabe and Aaron quickly developed a friendship through bees. Leaning on Aaron’s extensive business experience, they began to dream of expanding hive counts and starting their own beekeeping supply store. As excitement grew, and plans were being laid. We learned of another successful beekeeping company, RJ Honey, that was up for sale as the owners were retiring. Aaron reached out to Mark and Jason, who happen to be his cousins, to gauge their interest in beekeeping and possibly joining the team. Mark and Jason, were already working together in their Vermiculture business, Cousins Compost, and shared similar interests in working with nature and farming. Mark and Jason were both on board.

On March 1, 2022, the purchase of RJ Honey was completed. We were off and running! 

Our first two seasons were spent sharing space at the Ryan’s Flowers & Nursery greenhouse, which we quickly outgrew.  We are in the process of moving just 4 miles west to a building that offers plenty of space for retail, inventory, extraction, equipment, and queen-rearing operations. 

We are super excited about the new space and hope to see you soon as we continue to grow. We thank you for the privilege to serve your beekeeping needs.

Our honey is a labor of love, and it's our dedicated team that makes it possible. Our beekeepers are the backbone of our operation, caring for our buzzing colleagues with unwavering dedication. They tend to our hives with precision and expertise, ensuring the health and well-being of our bees.

We are more than a brand; we are a family united by our commitment to quality, sustainability, and the sweet taste of success. Together, we're on a mission to share the purest, most delicious honey with the world.


“Hidden Hollow honey is the best! We use it every single day!! I have the limit the honey sticks from my 7 year old! Amazing honey and wonderful people!”

Sarah H.

“I use it every day on my morning cereal and because I have allergies in the fall. I can tell it helps with the allergies and that alone makes it great.”

Pat K.

Awesome quality and perfect customer service, thank you!

Sergio M