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Ultimate Insulated Inner Cover

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The Ultimate Insulated Inner Hive Cover is redefining the way beekeepers care for their hives. With its cutting-edge design and remarkable features, it's not just a hive cover; it's a revolution in beekeeping that prioritizes the well-being of your bees while enhancing honey production and winter survival. Say goodbye to conventional covers and welcome the Ultimate Inner Hive Cover with open arms.

Ultimate Insulated Inner Cover Features:

  • Can be used year-round. The 2” R-10 Insulation helps reduce energy spent by the colony to stay cool or warm depending on the season or location.
  • Reduces condensation from temperature change.
  • The domed inner surface directs condensation to the outer edges so it doesn't drip onto the cluster.
  • Reduces water demand in the summer heat.
  • 8-frame/10-frame compatible.
  • Virtually indestructible with ultra-tough Technopolymer construction that will not rot or decay like wood.
  • Virtually maintenance-free and never needs painting.
  • Resists sticking from propolis
  • High-density EPS foam does not degrade or absorb water.
  • Large 1.5” diameter center hole for ventilation and feeding.
  • Supports a 10-frame box or a hive-top feeder
  • Accepts Bee Smart ® Ultimate Universal 3-Season Feeder
  • The domed inner surface allows bees to move freely with enough room to place a pollen or fondant patty directly on frames underneath.
  • Can be used as a fondant, pollen patty, or candy board feeder.
  • Multiple Upper Entrance options are included.
  • Center hole vent cap to seal hive included.
  • Security pins keep the Insulated Inner Cover from moving.
  • Storage compartments for other Bee Smart System components like mouse guards, Ultimate Robbing Screen, and the vent hole cap so they stay with the hive. 
  • Includes hive tool access points
  • Made in the USA and is completely Recyclable.

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