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SuperFuel Probiotic Fondant

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Introducing Super Fuel Probiotic Fondant Patties from Strong Microbials! Made with Apis Biologix Bio-Control, these fondant patties are a game-changer in supplemental bee feeding. Optimized for building fat winter bees and maintaining be health during times of stress, dearth, and spring build up.

Why Super Fuel Probiotic Fondant Patties Are Special:

  • Bacillus subtilis: This microbe is your colony's best friend, preventing the growth of molds and undesirable fungi, including the dreaded Chalkbrood disease. It's the key to a healthier and more productive bee colony.

  • Bacillus licheniformis: With its secretions, this beneficial bacterium actively inhibits the growth of pathogens like Peanibacillus larvae that cause American Foulbrood, ensuring your hive's safety.

  • Bacillus pumilus: Known for its enzymatic prowess, this bacterium aids in nutrient digestion and maintains a healthy bee gut. A happy gut means happier and healthier bees.

Feeding Instructions:

  • Place the fondant patties on frames above the cluster for easy access.
  • For Winter Survival, feed in the fall to boost energy before the cold months.
  • Keep the package closed to retain moisture and freshness.

Give your bees the advantage they deserve with Super Fuel Probiotic Fondant Patties. Elevate your beekeeping game, reduce stress, and boost your hive's overall performance. Don't just feed your bees; nourish them with the best - Super Fuel Probiotic Fondant Patties + Apis Biologix. Beekeeping brilliance starts here!


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