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Premier Puracell Medium Plastic Foundation

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The beekeeper’s choice for honey supers.

With true-to-nature comb dimensions and a heavy coat of pure, 100% capping beeswax, medium Puracell foundation is the bees’ favorite for building honeycomb.

The strong, natural scent of the capping beeswax coating stimulates the bees’ wax-producing glands, triggering them to draw comb even in a dearth. Plus, thinner cell walls allows for up to 10% more honey storage per frame, boosting your return on investment.

Puracell’s virgin, FDA-approved plastic stands up to the clumsiest of beekeepers and the beefiest of extractors, so you don’t have to worry about warping, blowouts, or breakages.

It’s the #1 choice of beekeepers.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 16-3/4” x 5-1/2”

  • Cell size: 5.3 mm

  • Color options: Black, White, Yellow

  • Product weight: 0.24 lbs / sheet

  • Wax coat: Single coat of pure, rendered capping beeswax from A.H. Meyer & Sons

  • Snaps into 6-1/4” wooden frames (grooved top & bottom bars)

  • For use in 6-5/8” hive bodies

  • Material: Virgin, food-grade plastic (BPA-free)

  • Made 100% in the USA


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