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Pollen Patty Trivet - BeeSmart

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Discover the Ultimate way to deal with small hive beetles when feeding pollen patties! The Trivet holds up to ½ of a pollen patty on its raised grid, allowing the bees to patrol both sides of the patty to prevent small hive beetles from finding a protected place
to lay their eggs. Stop the reproduction of small hive beetles and prevent the damage!

  • Quick-hitting facts and features of the Trivet:
    4” x 6” raised, open grid holds ½ of a typical pollen patty
    • Gives bees access to both the top and bottom of the pollen patty for maximum feeding area
    • Allows bees to patrol all sides of the pollen patty to chase away small hive beetles
    • Prevents small hive beetles from hiding and laying eggs under the pollen patty
  • Perfect for early-season brood-building
  • Works with any 1.5” shim on any 10 frame or 8 frame hive, or 5 frame nuc
  • Pesticide-free beetle control, perfect as part of your IPM system
  • Use with small hive beetle traps for added protection

Pollen patties provide protein for bees to rear their young, specifically to help with spring buildup. The patties are placed directly on the top of the frames for easy access for the bees.  Unfortunately, small hive beetles are also attracted to the patties, where they can lay their eggs in a nutrient-rich, protected location between the frame and the patty. Beetle larvae in this protected space can quickly grow and spoil the patty.
A simple option exists to minimize the SHB damage: Raise the pollen patty above the frames on a narrow grid so there is no hiding spot for the beetles and let bees patrol the patty’s whole surface. The Trivet also allows the bees to feed more freely and easily on both sides of the pollen patty.


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