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Global Pollen Patties with Canadian Rocket Fuel - 10lb

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Global Patties + Apis Biologix Bio-Activator (a.k.a. Canadian Rocket Fuel)

Why Choose Global Patties?

Global Patties are your assurance of strong, healthy colonies. These protein supplement patties not only increase brood production but also enhance overall honey production, ensuring a balanced diet for your bees.

Scientifically Balanced Nutrition

We've left no stone unturned in ensuring optimal bee nutrition. Every Global Patty contains a precise blend of scientifically formulated vitamins, minerals, and fats, expertly selected and rigorously tested for bee excellence. The real pollen in these patties is coupled with feed enhancement Apis Biologix Bio-Activator, ensuring top-notch bee nutrition.

Customized Pollen Power

Global Patties give you the flexibility to choose the pollen content that suits your hive. The pollen percentage in Global Patties isn't about nutritional value; it's about consumption rate. Whether you opt for 4% for a steady build-up or 15% for an accelerated boost, it all depends on your hive's strength and your desired brood development speed.

Seasonal Wisdom

In Spring, choose 15% patties to ignite rapid hive growth for the honey flow. If you start early, 4% patties ensure a steady build-up until natural pollen becomes available.

For the Fall, stick with 4% patties to maintain a steady consumption rate, fostering the development of robust winter bees ready to brave the cold.

Elevate Your Beekeeping Experience

Your bees deserve nothing but the best, and that's Global Patties. Fuel their prosperity, elevate your beekeeping, and ensure a thriving, buzzing future!


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Customer Reviews

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Joseph Sheehan
Global Pollen Patties with Canadian Rocket Fuel - 10lb?

Bees love it and thrive off of it!

We love it too. Thanks for the review!