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Premier Puracell Plastic Foundation

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$1.99 - $189.00
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The Best Foundation for Bees and Their Keepers! Premier Puracell Plastic Foundation is a revolutionary double-waxed foundation that redefines the beekeeping experience.

Premier Puracell Plastic Foundation with double wax gives your bees the advantage of drawing better comb faster. Increase your hive's productivity, support your bees' natural instincts, and ensure the growth and well-being of your colony. 

Features of Plastic Foundation:

True-to-Nature Cell Pattern: Designed with a true-to-nature cell pattern that resonates with your bees, Puracell promotes a sense of familiarity for your bees, ensuring their comfort and increasing productivity.

Double-Waxed for Superior Quality: Double-waxed with the world's finest and purest beeswax coating, ensures your foundation is drawn quickly and evenly.

Enhanced Cell Thickness: 36% thinner cell walls allow 10% more cells than a standard foundation. This provides increased storage for food and brood. Optimizing your hive's productivity.

Stimulating Natural Scent: Infused with the natural scent of pure, rendered capping beeswax from A.H. Meyer & Sons triggers bees to produce comb immediately right out of the box.

Durable FDA-Approved Plastic: Crafted from virgin, FDA-approved plastic for long-lasting performance. Puracell foundation resists warping, blowouts, and breakages, ensuring your investment will last.

Invest in the foundation that beekeepers trust for unparalleled results. Order now and provide your bees with the best foundation available!


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