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10-Frame Escape Screen

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The 10-Frame Escape Screen - Your Solution for an Efficient Honey Harvest!

Why Use Escape Screens in Beekeeping?

  • Effortless Hive Emptying: Place the screen under the supers you want to empty for a hassle-free process.
  • Bee-Friendly: Ensure gentle and safe bee evacuation without causing harm or stress.
  • Chemical-Free: Avoid the need for chemical interventions, promoting a healthier hive environment.

Specifications of Escape Screen:

  • Dimensions: 1.25" x 16.25" x 19.88" 
  • Weight: 3.65 lbs

Additional Information:

  • Compatibility: Designed exclusively for 10 Frame equipment.
  • Ships Assembled: Arrives fully assembled for your convenience.

Upgrade your beekeeping game today with the 10-Frame Escape Screen and enjoy faster, safer, and more eco-conscious hive management. Trust in a product that puts your bees and your efficiency first. Order yours now!


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