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Comfort Pro Ventilated Jacket

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Introducing the ComfortPro Ventilated Jacket with Interchangeable Veils. This comfortable beekeeping jacket will get the job done and keep you safe!


  • Maximum Protection: Our exclusive 3D fabric is thicker than the bee's stinger, keeping you safe from stings during your beekeeping activities.

  • Unparalleled Breathability: Experience the epitome of comfort as cool air easily passes through our bee jacket's single ventilated layer, while body heat is efficiently released.

  • Feather-Light Design: Almost 40% lighter than traditional 3-layer ventilated bee jackets, the ComfortPro Ventilated Jacket ensures you can move freely without feeling weighed down.

  • Crystal-Clear Vision: The nearly invisible fencing veil screen allows you to focus on your bees with a clear and undistorted view.

  • Veil Versatility: Our ComfortPro Ventilated Jacket comes with the choice of a fencing veil or a round veil. If you can't decide, why not get both? And the best part? These veils can be effortlessly interchanged as per your preference.

Elevate your beekeeping experience with the ComfortPro Ventilated Jacket with Interchangeable Veils – the ultimate choice for protection, comfort, and versatility.

*We recommend going up one jacket size to accommodate your clothing.


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Customer Reviews

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Itchy Jacket

By far the most uncomfortable piece of clothing I have ever put on my body. The ventilated bee jacket was like wearing a suit of fiberglass. Could not wear the jacket very long and had to take it off. Will never buy this product again.

I'm sorry you didn't like it. I have processed a refund. Please drop the jacket off when you get time.