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Ceracell | Hive Defender Floor with Beast Blocker

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The all new HIVE DEFENDER FLOOR offers the best in beehive technology.

This newly designed floor offers ventilation and acts as a wasp trap. Combining the benefits of plastic moulding and the best defense against wasps and robbing bees, every beekeeper will want this for their hives! 

This includes:
1 x Hive Defender Floor - 10-Frame Hive Size
1 x Floor base
1 x Front adapter plate
1 x Ventilation slider
1 x Wasp Trap
1 x Beast Blocker 

Ready to protect your beehives from hornets, wasps, and robbing bees, and MORE, in a cost effective and totally natural, chemical-free way!

The concept is to use the natural instincts of hornets, wasps, and robbing bees to attract them to the trap housed under the vented Hive Defender® floor.

Above the trap is a grid that lets the sounds and smells of the hive leak out into the trap.  The hornets and wasps can't help it, they just have to see if they can sneak into this delicious smelling and sounding hive.  Once in the trap, they can't get out and eventually die of dehydration or fighting each other.  In fact, the Hive Defender® is so effective that in a short period of time it will have trapped and killed so many hornets and wasps that their colonies will weaken and die out.  By using the Hive Defender® you are cleaning up the neighborhood!  You are killing off the nasties and making life so much easier for your bees. 

The Ceracell Hive Defender® also catches robbing bees in the trap.  Just as the name implies, robbing bees are thieves that look for the easy and safe way into the hive.  Like the hornets and wasps they end up in the trap and die too.  But don't feel sorry for them.  Even if they come from other hives in your apiary you need to shut down the robbing behavior.  It is counterproductive.  You only want your bees out foraging and bringing in fresh nectar and pollen, not using their energy to swap resources back and forth.

With the robbing bees getting trapped and dying in the Hive Defender® they don't return to their home hive, so they can't do a waggle dance to encourage more of their sisters to come over and rob some more.  So the Hive Defender® is effective at shutting down robbing behavior.


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