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Candy Board Feeder

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Winter can be a challenging time for honeybee colonies as they rely on stored resources to survive the cold days and nights. Our Candy Board Feeders are designed to reduce excess moisture and ensure your bees have easy access to essential nourishment when they need it most.

Key Features of Candy Board Feeder:

1. Winter Nutrition Right Above the Colony: Placing the Candy Board above the top brood box of your hive is a breeze. It's an easy-access way to provide bees with vital nutrition during the winter months. Fill it up with dry sugar, candy, or pollen patties, and watch your hive thrive.

2. Ventilation Hole: Our Candy Board Feeder is thoughtfully designed with a ventilation hole to maintain the perfect hive environment. Adequate ventilation ensures your bees stay comfortable and healthy even in the coldest of winters.

3. Top Entrance for Snowy Days: Mother Nature can be unpredictable, especially when it comes to snowfall. But fear not, our Board Feeder includes a top entrance option. This feature ensures your bees have an alternative access point in case deep snow blocks the front entrance, allowing them to move freely and access their food supply.

4. Reduce Excess Moisture: Our Board Feeder helps to absorb excess moisture buildup inside the hive. As the sugar absorbs the moisture it becomes softer and easier for the bees to consume. Win Win!

Don't leave your bees out in the cold this winter. Provide them with the nourishment they need to thrive and emerge strong in the spring. Upgrade your beekeeping arsenal with our Candy Board Feeders today and give your bees the best chance at surviving the winter season.

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Order now and make your beehive's winter experience a nourishing one!

**Candy Boards are unpainted**


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