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Boardman Feeder

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The Boardman Feeder is an affordable and versatile solution to feed your bees. This beekeeping accessory serves as both an entrance feeder and an internal feeder, catering to your hive's specific needs.

Use as an Entrance Feeder: Use your Boardman Feeder as an entrance feeder by attaching a filled mason jar and sliding the plastic base into the hive's entrance. It's crucial to ensure the feeder is level to minimize any potential leakage. With this setup, you can effortlessly monitor your feed levels and replenish them without causing any disturbances to your bees. However, please note that using this method during the robbing season is not advisable, as it can increase the risk of unwanted intruders.

Use as an Internal Feeder: For a different approach, remove your hive's outer cover and place an empty medium super with no frames directly on top of the inner cover. Position the Boardman Feeder on or near the center hole of the inner cover and then replace the outer cover. This method has the added benefit of keeping the syrup a bit warmer and reduces the risk of robbing, providing a safer and more comfortable environment for your bees.

Choose the Boardman Feeder today and elevate your beekeeping experience. Ensure your bees receive the nourishment they need without hassle or stress.


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