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Ultimate Hive Stand 2

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Are you tired of lugging cinder blocks and hauling lumber out to your bee yards? The Ulitmate Hive Stand not only offers enhanced durability, increased capacity, and a more appealing aesthetic but also boasts a host of additional features and advantages that simplify hive maintenance. This innovative hive stand is an integral component of the Bee Smart System and seamlessly aligns with all conventional Langstroth-style beehives.

Ultimate Hive Stand 2 Features:

Clip-On Frame Holders: We know how precious your time in the hive is. That's why we've equipped the Ultimate Hive Stand with clip-on frame holders, ensuring that your hive inspections and frame manipulations are a breeze.

Elevated Excellence: Elevate your hive management to new heights, literally! Our stand raises your hive a comfortable 12 inches off the ground, making access easier while providing superior ventilation for your precious colony.

Universal Compatibility: No need for a wooden hive stand! The Ultimate Hive Stand works seamlessly with any bottom board, ensuring compatibility with your existing setup.

Robust Support: Your hive deserves nothing less than the best support. The Ultimate Hive Stand features heavy-duty rails that cradle your hive with unwavering support, so you can have peace of mind knowing your colony is safe and secure.

Tailored to Fit: Available in both 8-frame and 10-frame sizes, you can choose the perfect fit for your hive setup.

Durable and Dry: Built-in drains keep your hive and its components dry, extending their lifespan and ensuring your bees thrive in a healthy environment.

Stability at Its Core: Large footpads not only distribute the load evenly but also provide unbeatable stability, so you can work with confidence.

Fortified Security: With security screws, we've added an extra layer of strength to prevent any unwanted hive movement, ensuring your colony's stability and security.

Effortless Assembly: No need to break a sweat during setup. The Ultimate Hive Stand can be assembled in less than 2 minutes with just a screwdriver, so you can focus on what matters most – your bees.

Natural Aesthetics: The textured surface of our hive stand adds a touch of natural beauty to your apiary, seamlessly blending with the surroundings.

Sustainability Matters: Made in the USA from recycled materials, the Ultimate Hive Stand is not just an investment in your beekeeping, but also in a more sustainable future.

Don't settle for an ordinary hive stand when you can have the Ultimate Hive Stand by your side. Elevate your beekeeping experience, ensure your colony's well-being, and enjoy the convenience you've always deserved. Choose the Ultimate Hive Stand today and watch your apiary thrive like never before. Beekeeping has never been this sweet!


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