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Anel Plastic Bottom Board With Mouse Guards

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Looking for a bottom board that won't rot and offers a range of convenient features? Anel Bottom Boards, available in both solid and vented options, are designed to meet the demands of modern beekeeping. Crafted with precision, these bottom boards are the perfect addition to your hive setup.

Key Features:

1. Exceptional Strength: Our Anel Bottom Boards are engineered for durability and strength, making them ideal for the rigors of beekeeping. With five points for hive body stabilization, you can trust that your hive will remain secure and stable.

2. Non-Slip Design: The bases of these bottom boards are made from a special non-slip material and securely screwed to the bottom of the hive. This ensures that your hives won't slip or shift during transportation by truck, giving you peace of mind knowing your hives are safe during transit.

3. Transportation and Mouse Protection Doors: We've included practical transportation and mouse protection doors to make moving your hives a breeze. Flip them over and they become mouse guards. These doors add a convenient extra layer of security from mice and during transport, keeping your bees safe and sound.

Versatile Attachment Options:

Choose from four different ways to connect your Anel Bottom Board to the hive body:

1. Adjustable Fasteners: Front and rear fasteners can be easily adjusted for a secure fit.

2. Wire Fasteners: Secure your bottom board with wire fasteners on the right and left sides.

3. Screw-In Option: Use special connectors to permanently screw the bottom board onto the hive body, transforming it into a brood chamber with a non-detachable bottom board.

4. Theft Deterrent: Use attachment straps that can be removed after hive placement to deter thieves and protect your valuable bee colony.

Benefits of Vented Plastic Bottom Boards:

Opt for the vented version of our Anel Bottom Boards and enjoy these advantages:

  • Effortless Hive Cleanliness: Bees can easily keep the hive clean, ensuring a healthy and hygienic environment.

  • Enhanced Varroa Treatment: Parasites fall beneath the hive, making varroa treatments more effective and less disruptive to your bees.

  • Reduced Humidity: Improved ventilation leads to lower humidity levels within the hive, reducing the likelihood of nozema spread and promoting bee well-being.

Upgrade your beekeeping game with Anel Bottom Boards, where strength, versatility, and practicality come together. Whether you choose the solid or vented option, you can count on these bottom boards to support your hive and contribute to the success of your beekeeping journey.

Invest in the future of your bee colony – choose Anel Bottom Boards today!


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