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Topics are subject to change, but are generally scheduled as follows

  • Bee Biology, Reproduction & Jobs
  • What is in the cells
  • Setting up a hive
  • Tools and Equipment
  • The Beekeeper’s Year
  • Benefits of Keeping Bees
  • Apiary Prep and Placement
  • Bee Clubs and Resources
  • Installing a Nuc
  • When to Feed
  • Hive Inspections/Observations
  • Record Keeping
  • How Bees Communicate
  • Field Exercise – Lighting Smoker, Feeding, Inspection
  • Understanding Swarms
  • How to Split a Hive
  • Adding Honey Supers
  • Bee Foraging – Plants and Seasons
  • Pest Management
  • Field Exercise – Hive Inspection, Locate the Queen, Split A Colony
  • Queen Facts
  • Queen Anatomy
  • Re-Queening (When, Why, and How)
  • Rearing Queens
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Field Exercise – Demonstrate the step-by-step process of queen rearing
  • All about harvesting Honey
  • Field Exercise – Harvest Honey
  • Helping Bees During the Dearth
  • Integrated Pest Management – Varroa Destructor
  • Field Exercise – Mite Wash, Oxalic Acid Vaporization
  • Problem-solving class
  • Honey bound
  • Queen less colony
  • Laying worker
  • Hive beetles
  • Checker Boarding
  • Honey in the bottom box
  • Winter prep
  • Weighing Your Hive
  • Winter feeding and Bee Candy
  • Winter management
  • Late winter management
  • Preparing for Spring
  • Field Exercise – Making Candy Board

Company Goals for Educating

Hidden Hollow Honey has a passion for educating.  We enjoy helping people be successful and enjoy the hobby of beekeeping.  There are so many aspects of beekeeping to keep the beekeeper engaged and learning.

Our main course is called the Beekeeper’s Year.  This course is designed to follow the beekeeping year and teach students about subjects that are relevant to colony management during that specific time of year.  Classes start in March and are held monthly through October.  Each class is a mix of classroom education and field exercises.  For more details about our Beekeeper’s year course, click this link.  (add link to our course registration page??  I can see us eventually creating a page that shows the topics for each month and emphasizes the benefit of hands-on learning)

Our motto is

“With Hidden Hollow Honey, You Aren’t Beekeeping Alone”.

To live up to this motto, we also teach informally by writing blogs, answering questions via phone/email, and occasionally doing hive inspections with our customers.  To be notified of learning opportunities as they are offered, consider subscribing to our email list.


“Hidden Hollow honey is the best! We use it every single day!! I have the limit the honey sticks from my 7 year old! Amazing honey and wonderful people!”

Sarah H.

“I use it every day on my morning cereal and because I have allergies in the fall. I can tell it helps with the allergies and that alone makes it great.”

Pat K.