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Unscented Comfrey Salve

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Introducing Hidden Hollow Honey's Unscented Comfrey Salve – Your Natural Remedy for Skin Woes!

Are pesky bee stings, itchy bug bites, and unexpected scrapes putting a damper on your day? Look no further! Hidden Hollow Honey has your back with our Unscented Comfrey Salve, a soothing and all-natural solution to help you kiss those skin troubles goodbye.

Key Features:

Locally Grown Goodness: We take pride in crafting this salve with comfrey plants nurtured right on our very own farm. Comfrey, known for its natural healing properties, has been a trusted ally for generations, and we've harnessed its power just for you.

Bee-tiful Beeswax: Our secret ingredient? The purest beeswax is sourced straight from our own hives. It's not just about our love for bees; it's about delivering unparalleled quality that you can trust.

Versatile Healing: Hidden Hollow Honey's Unscented Comfrey Salve is a versatile powerhouse. It's perfect for soothing bee stings, calming those itchy bug bites, speeding up the healing of scrapes, and restoring moisture to dry, parched skin. It's a must-have addition to your first-aid kit and daily skincare regimen.

Gentle and Unscented: We've kept it simple with an unscented formula, ensuring that even those with sensitive skin can benefit from its soothing properties without any unnecessary fragrances.

Important Note: While our Comfrey Salve is a remarkable natural remedy, please remember that it's not intended for use on deep cuts or open wounds. Always consult a healthcare professional for such injuries.

At Hidden Hollow Honey, we're committed to providing you with the highest quality products straight from the heart of our farm. Our Unscented Comfrey Salve is a testament to our dedication to your well-being and our planet.

Rediscover the wonders of nature with Hidden Hollow Honey Unscented Comfrey Salve. Order yours today and let the healing begin!


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