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Ultimate Bottom Board

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The Ultimate Bottom Board is an engineering marvel of innovation. Never before has so many versatile features been packed into a bottom board. Want a vented board for summer? Need a solid board for winter? Want mouse guards? Want an inspection board for Small Hive Beetle? All are included in this Ultimate Bottom Board!

The Ultimate Bottom Board is here to redefine your beekeeping experience. Crafted with precision and designed for maximum efficiency, this is the ultimate choice for beekeepers who demand nothing but the best.

Ultimate Bottom Board Features:

(4) Reversible Entrance Reducer/Mouse Guards: The Ultimate Bottom Board comes equipped with not one, but four reversible Entrance Reducers/Mouse Guards. With three different openings, you have the control to adjust ventilation as needed, all while keeping those pesky intruders out.

Secure Stability: Worried about your boxes shifting around? Fear not! Our innovative security pins are your hive's best friends, ensuring stability and peace of mind.

Slide Out Inspection Board: Efficiency and convenience meet with the slide-out inspection board. Easily monitor your hive's health and make inspections a breeze.

Self-Draining Design: No more worries about water buildup. Our self-draining design ensures that your hive stays dry and healthy.

No Corners for SHB: Small Hive Beetles, meet your match! The Ultimate Bottom Board's rounded inner corners leave no hiding places for these unwanted guests.

Textured and Angled Landing Board: We've thought of everything! The textured and angled landing board not only aids in drainage but also makes landing easier for your busy bees.

Optional Ventilated Winter Board: Don't let winter get the best of your hive. Our optional ventilated winter board minimizes drafts and helps you control humidity, keeping your bees cozy.

Hive Strap Ready: Moving your hive has never been easier. Thanks to the 2-way notches, securing your hive with straps is hassle-free.

Rot Free: Built to withstand the test of time and the elements, our Ultimate Bottom Board is virtually indestructible.

No Paint Required: Say goodbye to the hassle of painting. Our bottom board is 'Ready 2 Use' and will always look pristine.

Proudly Made in the USA: We take pride in our products, and that's why the Ultimate Bottom Board is proudly 'Made in USA' and completely recyclable.

Upgrade your beekeeping game with the Ultimate Bottom Board. It's not just a product; it's a commitment to quality, durability, and the well-being of your beloved hive. Buy it today and experience the difference for yourself!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lee Gibbs
Great Bottomboard

I have been using them for 2 years and they are very durable and cleanable.

That is great to hear. Thanks for the review!

Jason Antolini
Ultimate hive bottom board

Well worth the price they will never rot, no fading I keep 12 hives in South Florida it's Hot humid all the time they help keep the hives cool

Thanks for the review!