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Fischer's Bee Quick 8oz

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Are you seeking a kind and efficient method to gently remove honeybees from honey supers? Fischer's Bee Quick is your answer! A revolutionary solution designed exclusively for relocating honeybees without causing harm or stress.

Key Advantages of Fischer's Bee Quick:

  1. Honeybee-Centric Approach: Fischer's Bee Quick prioritizes the well-being of honeybees. Our unique formula encourages bees to vacate honey supers peacefully, ensuring their safety and preserving their vital role as pollinators.

  2. Swift and Efficient: Bid farewell to time-consuming and invasive methods. Fischer's Bee Quick works quickly and effectively, allowing you to address honeybee presence with minimal disruption.

  3. Tailored for Honey Supers: Specifically formulated for honey supers, Fischer's Bee Quick is your go-to solution. It's compatible with various hive types, making it versatile for Langstroth, top-bar, and other configurations.

  4. User-Friendly Application: Designed for ease of use, Fischer's Bee Quick simplifies the process. The application is straightforward – just follow the instructions and let the solution do its work. No specialized tools or extensive training are required.

  5. Environmentally Responsible: Embrace eco-conscious bee management. Fischer's Bee Quick aligns with sustainable practices, allowing you to remove honeybees responsibly.

  6. Ideal for Beekeepers: Fischer's Bee Quick is a trusted choice for beekeepers and professionals. Its non-toxic formula ensures safety while effectively addressing honeybee presence.

How to Apply:

  1. Shake the product well before use.
  2. Apply Fischer's Bee Quick to the fume board according to the provided instructions and place the fume board on top of the honey supers.
  3. Allow honeybees time to vacate the honey supers.
  4. Once bees have relocated, take appropriate measures to safely seal or handle the honey supers.

Please Note: Fischer's Bee Quick is intended for use by trained beekeepers. Always adhere to recommended safety protocols and guidelines.

Embrace stress-free honeybee removal. Choose Fischer's Bee Quick for a solution that prioritizes honeybee well-being and ensures smooth relocation from honey supers. Place your order today and experience the future of compassionate bee management!


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