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The Beekeeper's Year Class

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Note:  These classes are in high demand and seating is limited.  Each class is free but registration is required.  If you want to attend, but the class is sold out, email Mark to be added to the waiting list.  We may add a second class.  If you pre-register and later find out that you can't attend, email Mark so he can fill the seat from the wait list.  You can reach Mark at

The Beekeeper's Year Class is a beginner-friendly course that provides step-by-step instruction for those starting their beekeeping journey or for those who want a refresher on the basics.  The course includes a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on learning in an apiary (weather permitting).  The classes are structured to be broken down into bite-size details for better retention and understanding. Each class covers what you should expect to see, and do, during the month following each class. Classes are held on the third Saturday of each month (some exceptions shown below) March through October.  Class is from 10 am to 12 pm.  Topics are subject to change, but are generally scheduled as follows:

MARCH 16th

  • Bee Biology, Reproduction & Jobs
  • What is in the cells
  • Setting up a hive
  • Tools and Equipment
  • The Beekeeper’s Year
  • Benefits of Keeping Bees
  • Apiary Prep and Placement
  • Bee Clubs and Resources

APRIL 20th

  • Installing a Nuc
  • When to Feed
  • Hive Inspections/Observations
  • Record Keeping
  • How Bees Communicate
  • Field Exercise – Lighting Smoker, Feeding, Inspection

MAY 18th

  • Understanding Swarms
  • How to Split a Hive
  • Adding Honey Supers
  • Bee Foraging – Plants and Seasons
  • Pest Management
  • Field Exercise – Hive Inspection, Locate the Queen, Split A Colony

JUNE 22nd (note: this is the 4th Saturday)

  • Queen Facts
  • Queen Anatomy
  • Re-Queening (When, Why, and How)
  • Rearing Queens
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Field Exercise – Demonstrate the step-by-step process of queen rearing

JULY 20th

  • All about harvesting Honey
  • Field Exercise – Harvest Honey


  • Helping Bees During the Dearth
  • Integrated Pest Management – Varroa Destructor
  • Field Exercise – Mite Wash, Oxalic Acid Vaporization


  • Problem-solving class
  • Honey bound
  • Queen less colony
  • Laying worker
  • Hive beetles
  • Checker Boarding
  • Honey in the bottom box


  • Winter prep
  • Weighing Your Hive
  • Winter feeding and Bee Candy
  • Winter management
  • Late winter management
  • Preparing for Spring
  • Field Exercise – Making Candy Board


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Customer Reviews

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Brad Dahlenburg
Bee Keepers Class

I'm very happy with the class thus far! There's always something new/different to learn. Looking forward to next months class!