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Pol-Line Queen Bee - Pick Up Only

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We do not ship queens.  Only available for purchase in our store.

Introducing Pol-Line Honeybee Queen, a top-performing queen bee selection for your hive. With proven genetics and superior egg-laying abilities, this queen will optimize honey production and overall colony health. Developed by the USDA to be sensitive to Varroa Mite.  Trust in the performance and quality of Pol-Line queens for guaranteed success.




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Customer Reviews

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Lawrence Huba
Mostly failure

Requeened 5 colonies. Only one was successful. Not sure why. Two very small splits Two very large queenless, broodless colonies. Only one smaller colony with some capped brood succeeded

So sorry to hear you had so much trouble. I understand Aaron gave you two virgin queens at no cost to help rectify the issue. He also advised that you make sure there is brood in the colony you are requeening and also feed them. If we can of any help, please let us know.