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Comfort Pro Youth Ventilated Suit

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Ensure the Safety of Your Young Beekeepers with a ComfortPro Youth Ventilated Suit!

For one reason or another, most children's beekeeping suits provide less protection compared to traditional bee suits.This might be okay if your youthful bee enthusiast intends to observe from a distance without actively engaging in hive inspections right beside you.

However, in our experience, this hasn't been the case. Young beekeepers often display fearlessness and a strong desire to be right in the midst of the beekeeping action—handling frames, searching for the queen, and even using a touch of smoke when necessary.

We believe in providing them with the same level of protection that the adults enjoy. That's why we've meticulously crafted our ComfortPro Yout Ventilated suits with the same high-quality materials and the same protective 3D Air Mesh found in our adult suits.

If your young ones share your enthusiasm for beekeeping, prioritize their safety by investing in a ComfortPro Youth Ventilated Suit, providing them with the ultimate protection.


  • Easy On, Easy Off: Full-length zippers on both legs for effortless wear and removal, even with boots on.

  • Unparalleled Protection: Unique 3D fabric thicker than bee stingers to keep you safe from stings.

  • Breathability at Its Best: Single ventilated layer allows cool air in and releases body heat for ultimate comfort.

  • Light as a Feather: Almost 40% lighter than traditional three-layer bee suits for fatigue-free beekeeping.

  • Crystal Clear Vision: Nearly invisible fencing veil screen for an unobstructed view of your bees.

Sizes match kids clothing sizes:
 Kids XS Suit (Size 2-4)
 Kids S Suit (Size 5-7)
 Kids M Suit (Size 7-8)
 Kids M/L Suit (Size 10-12)


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