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Chinese Grafting Tool

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Introducing the affordable and easy to use Chinese Grafting Tool!

  • Unrivaled Performance: Gain mastery over queen grafting with this preferred tool of commercial queen breeders.
  • Affordable Excellence: Top-tier quality meets affordability for an unbeatable value.
  • Effortless Precision: Easily and efficiently transfer bee larvae and royal jelly to queen cell cups.
  • Sightless Grafting: Retrieve tiny larvae without the need for precise vision, making grafting a breeze.
  • Innovative Design: Crafted for precision with a non-slip middle section, a spring-loaded push-button mechanism, and a feather-light, flexible plastic tongue.

Dimensions: Each Chinese Grafting Tool measures 4.5" in length, perfectly suited for all your grafting needs.

Elevate your queen-rearing game today with the Chinese Grafting Tool!


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