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Beetle Trap Oil

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Are those pesky small hive beetles causing a buzz of frustration in your apiary? Say goodbye to the hive invaders with our all-natural Beetle Trap Oil – the ultimate solution to protect your beloved bee colonies.

Natural Beetle Defense: Our Beetle Trap Oil is formulated with nature's finest ingredients, ensuring a chemical-free and bee-friendly approach to pest control. Forget harmful chemicals and embrace the power of nature in safeguarding your hives.

Hive Invasion Prevention: It's as easy as 1-2-3! Simply fill your trap with our Beetle Trap Oil and place it snugly between two frames in your hive. Watch as the beetles are irresistibly drawn in, only to find themselves trapped with no escape. It's the small hive beetle's worst nightmare!

Efficiency in Every Drop: One Pint of our Beetle Trap Oil is all it takes to fill up to 23 traps. That's incredible value packed into every bottle, ensuring your hive remains safeguarded and thriving.

Join beekeepers worldwide who have made the smart choice to protect their hives the natural way. Say hello to a hive free from the clutches of small hive beetles and embrace the beauty of beekeeping without worry.

Choose our Beetle Trap Oil today and keep your bees and their precious honey safe and sound.


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