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Swarm Rustler 2 OZ Spray Bottle

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Looking to attract swarms of feral honeybees to your hive? Look no further than Swarm Rustler Swarm Lures! Our pre-charged lures are the easiest way to bait a swarm trap, and they last for weeks.

Each vial is filled with Swarm Rustler liquid and a slow-release gel, which means you won't have to mess around with Q-tips, baggies, or poking holes in things. Simply open the vial and drop it into your swarm box. After 2-4 weeks, re-hydrate the gel with our Swarm Rustler spray, and you'll be ready to go again.

Our lures use a pheromone specially created to attract passing swarms of feral honeybees. The all-natural food-grade ingredients are designed to mimic the queen bee Nasonov Pheromone, which is known to be highly effective in attracting bees. And unlike some other lures, we don't use lemongrass oil – our product is derived from floral terpenes, ensuring the most effective attractant possible.

If you're looking to establish new bee colonies, Swarm Rustler Swarm Lures are an affordable option. A typical package of bees can cost between $100-150, but with Swarm Rustler, you can attract bees to your hive with a minimum of effort.

Order your Swarm Rustler Swarm Lures today and get ready to attract some buzzing new friends to your hive! Simulated Nasonov Pheromone Based On Top Scientific Research

Swarm Rustler Features: 

  • NO Lemongrass Oil Is Used In This Product

  • Bee Friendly

  • All Natural Food Grade Ingredients

  • Scientifically Proven Formula Mimics Queen Bee Pheromone

**Available in 2 oz. spray bottle and a refillable bullet that can be used over and over**


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